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Puck screens, filter, mesh, whatever you want to call them - have become a staple in the burgeoning home barista's workflow.

When placed on top of your carefully crafted and compressed coffee bed, these screens can help create a softer and more evenly distributed water flow for your puck. This not only helps with reduced channeling, but also improves extraction, and perhaps best of all - keeps your machine's group head clean! Cleaner group heads, cleaner extractions, and cleaner pucks! You'll also have the added benefit of knocking out dry-er pucks, minimizing mess all around.

PUCK IT! - 58.5mm Espresso Puck Screen

$17.99 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
  • Usage: Wash before use! I suggest placing one into your portafilter while you await your machine to warm up, or, increase brewing temperature by a couple degrees to account for the screen cooling the water flow (if it was not preheated). Screens should be compatible with any 58mm sized basket and portafilter including Gaggia, Rocket, Rancilio, Lelit, La Marzocco, etc. For cleaning, simply leave the screens in a bowl of hot water and Cafiza solution or other espresso machine cleaning solution for 10-20 minutes.

    Please be wary if your machine has a screw under the shower screen (like the Gaggia Classic Pro) - you may want to lower your dosing size or use a larger basket. The screw can press against the screen and cause an indentation if it is too full.

    - 58.5mm diameter (should fit most 58mm baskets and precision baskets)
    - 1.7mm thick
    - 150μm

    Material: 316 stainless steel mesh (corrosion resistant and food safe)

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